A Legacy, too

Owner Sean Ryan’s roots are from outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Ryans and the Stacys joined in 1980, and for health reasons, packed up and moved to Flagstaff, Arizona in 1982, little Sean in tow.

For Mom Mom Stacy, born and raised in Philadelphia, there was only one thing she could say to wrap up her concerns about the move, “There’s Mountain Men out there!”

As the years went by, this came up often, time and experience not easing Mom Mom’s worry. It became a bond, though, between the Arizona Ryan children and their mom mom. They’d joke with her about it, find Mountain Men trinkets to send at Christmas, and even the VHS for the movie of the same name (1980).

So while Mom Mom passed on in 2012, we all can hear her “bless” this new adventure by exclaiming, “There’s Mountain Men out there!” Who knew?

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