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Local Triathlon and Duathlon: Pool swim, and youth event included

Flagstaff Triathlon and Youth Splash and Dash/Robert Tucker Memorial Event

Looking to upgrade your gear, training schedule, or just learn a little more? Check out these links:
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Our Go To Bike Shop in Flagstaff: Single Track Bikes at 575 Riordan Rd Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Open Water Swim Clinics and Professional Lessons:
Looking for a running group or event? Check out NATRA and the Flagstaff Summer Running Series/Calendar of Events
Here are a few of the websites that we have found with information for multisport athletes:
  1. USATMultisport Zone:”Here at USA Triathlon, we take great pride in hearing and sharing the stories of members who have made positive lifestyle changes thanks to participation in our sport.” This site has great resources for learning about triathlons, training, nutrition, and the race community.
  2. USATSafety and Responsibilities: “We value the safety of all multisport participants, and it is crucial for athletes, race directors and all members of USA Triathlon’s community to make safety at events a priority,” said USA Triathlon CEO Rob Urbach. Check out athlete and race director responsibilities here.
  3. DC Rainmaker How-To-Guides
  4.‘s Triathlon Tips and Advice 
  5. Triathlete has the whole spectrum of information and advice for triathletes.

These are just a few sites where we have found helpful tips. If there is a resource that you love, then let us know through our social media or contact page. Happy training and see you this summer!